Why Does My Cat Wink At Me? Is It Normal?

Why Does My Cat Wink At Me?

As a cat owner, observing them and learning more about them is a process that never stops. You also need to learn their ways of living so that you both can live in harmony and also be able to convey your feelings for each other.

Observing your cat’s antics is something that can take up your entire day – these little fur creatures are so amusing! My cat, Cardboard (yes) likes to listen to Arctic Monkeys and nods off to sleep. So we spend our afternoons listening to this British band. Cats, and the things you do for them, right?

If you too have been observing your cat and have noticed that they wink at you, then you are alone. Here is everything you need to know about the new flirt in town, your cat who winks.

Why Does My Cat Wink At Me?

There can be a couple of reasons for this. Let’s see which one applies to your cat!

  • Their nictitating membrane is making them wink!

As humans, we know that our nictitating membranes are vestigial organs, which means that they are of no use to us. However, in a cat, it is this nictitating membrane, also known as Palpebra Tertia that makes them wink. When this membrane gets too dry, the cat may wink repeatedly in order to stimulate it.

If this is the reason, then sorry to say, the cat isn’t winking at you – you are merely in their field of vision.

  • They are trying to convey their loyalty to you

Sometimes a cat may wink at their owners or people they like to show that they are comfortable in their presence. If you find your cat winking at you at odd hours, or when you are playing with them, it is very likely that they are trying to convey their affections to you.

  • There is a possibility of an eye infection
Why Does My Cat Wink At Me?

If your cat keeps winking and blinking repeatedly and you feel like its eye has some discolouration, it is very likely that they have an eye infection. If they usually don’t wink at you and have suddenly taken to it, we recommend that you go to a vet immediately.

Corneal ulcers are the kind of eye infection that can harden the cat’s eyes and make them wink repeatedly. These also make the eye appear cloudy, hence it can be a possibility.

  • Allergies

If your cat suffers from seasonal allergies, they may get redness in the eyes, swelling, and constant winking and blinking. You should consult a vet for this and ask them for prevention and precautions because allergies are a regular thing and you should try making them as easy for your cat as you can.

  • Something has gotten in their eyes

If your cat is repeatedly winking only in one eye and also using their outer eyelids in the process, chances are they have something in their eye. Try looking at it yourself and removing it using something like a Q-tip or other soft material. If you are unable to, a trip to the vet won’t hurt. In summers, it is very likely that a cat gets some dust particle stuck in its eye. Or if your cat is the kind who likes to wander and explore, then also the chances of something getting in their eye are high.

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Is It Normal For Cats To Wink?

Mostly, yes. If your cat is winking at you, it means it is comfortable in your presence. While it is not a necessity in order to know whether our cat lies to you, it does feel nice to know that your cat is trying to convey something to you.

But then again, as mentioned above, sometimes the reason why a cat is winking may not be favourable, so we recommend that you keep looking at the signs. If your cat isn’t a frequent winker and you have only recently started noticing them winking at you and even at other things in general, you should get a consultation done.

The trick is to notice if your cat winks at you at all. This may take a while, as you need to sense a pattern. If they indeed wink at you all the time, then you can cut them some slack. If they don’t wink at you, and suddenly start doing it, then it may be an indication of an infection flaring up, or something similar. We recommend that you consult a vet.

Another trick to use is to see if they are winking at people in particular or just doing it randomly. If it is the former, it means they are expressing their feelings, however, if it is more like the latter, it means that they are going through some discomfort.

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Winks At You Twice?

If your cat is winking at you twice, and in a slowed manner, it means they are letting you know that they feel safe around you. Rejoice you human, your cat definitely loves you!

A cat winking at you is also known as a cat kiss, a piece of information that has us all smiling ever since we found out about it. Imagine your cat kissing you in their language, what could be more beautiful than that? It is their version of meowing off-tune and letting us know they like us.

The cutest part of a cat kiss is, that you can slow blink at your cat and if you wait, they will return the favour! They may not catch it in the beginning but if you do it enough, you can have your own communication with your cat. How cool is that!

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Do Cats Wink On Purpose?

Again, it depends on the reason why they are winking. If they are trying to convey their affection to you, then yes, they are winking on purpose.

However, if it is because of any of the following reasons, then it is not on purpose and needs immediate attention as well –

  • There is an infection in their eye that is making it tough for them to see. Common signs include cloudy eyes, discolouration, and dryness in the eyes.
  • They have dried-out eyes and are trying to stimulate them by winking repeatedly. This is not entirely in their control, their nictitating membrane reacts this way in order to gain moisture.
  • If your cat has seasonal allergies then dried and red eyes may be a reaction borne out of it. This can also lead to them winking.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Winks With Both Eyes?

A cat winking with both eyes means that it is trying to let you know about its feelings for you, and these feelings are full of love. However, if your cat keeps winking, at no one in particular, consult a vet immediately instead of assuming things. It is better to be safe than sorry.

What If My Cat Does Not Wink?

Fret not dear friend, if your cat does not wink at you, it does not mean that it doesn’t like you. A lot of cats bear a sullen expression throughout the day and are not as friendly as other cats. This does not mean they don’t see you cherish them. They will express their emotions in other ways.

Sometimes, a cat allowing you to touch it is itself a great feat. This can be because they are of a closed-off temperament. This does not mean they don’t deserve our love. All you can do is, keep cuddling and keep calling them silly names in silly voices. Don’t act like you are above it, we have all been there!

Other indications of a cat letting you know that they like you include them rubbing against your leg, cuddling with you, licking your hand, and even just nuzzling closer to you. If there are a lot of people in a room and your cat seeks you out, just know that you are in its good books, and it is an achievement that you should brag about. Cats, how wonderful and mysterious they are. No wonder the Egyptians worshipped them! Maybe we should bring that back…

In conclusion, all that can be said is if your cat is actually showering you with cat kisses then hey, you are a lucky one. All we ask of you is to return the favour by cuddling with them or playing with them the way they like it. If your cat does not wink or blink out of affection, it’s no big deal! The thumb rule is to remember that every cat is different and the equation you share with your cat is different than other people and their cats, none better than each other, but all good nonetheless.

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