Domestic Short Hair Vs American Shorthair Cat: Difference

Domestic Short Hair Vs American Shorthair Cats

With the availability of so many different types of cat breeds, it might get a little confusing for you to choose one. If you want to do some research before looking for a pet cat, or you are merely curious about the species, keep reading! Domestic Short Hair Vs American Shorthair Cat? Which is better? Here’s what we know.

How To Choose A Pet Cat?

Before reading into the various breeds of cats, you should know about what your needs and requirements are. Are you looking for a cat as a companion for yourself or your children? Do you want the cat to be an active kind or the one who will not make you get up and check on them every other hour? There is no right answer, and you should choose your cat based on your priorities and capabilities.

However, some points we would like for you to consider include your own schedule and your capacity. If you get a cat that needs high maintenance and you have a busy schedule, you won’t be able to keep her healthy which would in turn make it grumpy. Similarly, make sure that you have enough space in your house to keep a cat active and happy, or else they will resort to going out. It is unsafe for domestic cats to wander in neighbourhoods because they can get attacked by bigger animals, or run into some plants that they are allergic to.

If you are considering getting a cat soon, read on to find out about different varieties and which one will suit you and your temperament more. 

Domestic Short Hair Vs American Shorthair Cat

What Is A Domestic Short Hair?

Domestic Short Hair Vs American Shorthair Cats

A domestic short-haired cat is a cat that has mixed ancestry; it means the cat has had several different breeds of cats in the family.

They are called short hair for obvious reasons – their fur is usually shorter than the average cat.

These constitute 95 per cent of the total cat population in the US. They are also referred to as alley and street cats, the former used when the cat is not domesticated at all, aka feral. So it is very likely that all the cats that you have seen around you are domestic short-haired cats or at least short-haired that have the potential of being domesticated.

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What Is An American Short Hair?

An American Short Hair (ASH) is believed to be the descendent of the cats brought by Europeans to North America when they were settling there.

Now you might be wondering, are Europeans such big cat lovers? No, I mean, we can’t say for sure. The actual reason they brought cats over was to fend off mice on ships!

American Short Hair cats were also one of the first five breeds to be recorded as registered breeds by the Cat Fancier’s Association in 1906.

What Is A British Short Hair?

The British Short Hair (BSH) is a pedigreed version of a normal domestic cat. They are recognizable because of their short and stocky bodies, big faces, and thick coat.

The most popular British Short Hair cat is the one with a blue-grey coat and orange eyes, the ones you might have seen gain popularity during Halloween.

It is also one of the oldest known cat breeds to man and still remains a popular choice for a pet.

They are known for their gentle nature and affinity to form loving bonds with their owners.

Is American Short Hair better than British Short Hair?

We at Pawppiness do not believe in comparing cats, because let’s be real, no cat is a bad cat. But if you are trying to make a practical choice, we are happy to help you go over important points regarding American Short Hair as well as British Short Hair cats.

The American Short Hair cat is supposedly more independent than its counterpart. This means you will not have to spend your entire day running after them to see if they are comfortable. The former is said to be happy in their own bubble, wandering around. However, the British Short Hair are more curious by nature and also more active.

American Short Hair cats do not require as much grooming as a BSH, but in the end, no cat really requires that much grooming if we really think about it.

Ultimately, these cats are very similar in nature. They are loving and fun to have around, and good choices for a first-time pet, or even a pet in general.

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Is Domestic Shorthair The Same As American Shorthair?

American Shorthairs are not the same as Domestic Shorthairs. The former are purebred and their lineage can be traced whereas the latter are the street mutts of the feline world. The latter are also feral, while the former is usually gentle and docile.

Domestic Shorthair cats are a mixed breed and you cannot really tell their history.

American Shorthairs also have around 60 different combinations of coat hair, whereas Domestic shorthairs are usually the usual ginger, grey, black and white.

Medium Hair Cat Breeds – What Are They All About?

As the name suggests, medium hair cat breeds are the middle road of cats – they don’t have short and spiky hair like Shorthair, nor do they have a coat that needs to be maintained extensively.

Some commonly found medium hair breeds include – Abyssinian, American Bobtail, Balinese, Birman, Bengal, Cyprus, and Egyptian Mau, among others.

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Why Should You Get A Mediumhair Cat?

If you don’t have the time to groom a cat with long hair, yet want a cat who looks adorable and gentle, then medium hair is the way to go.

While these require grooming as well, it is limited to once a week. You can brush them thoroughly and be done with it. Apart from that, frequent clipping of nails and bathing when necessary is still a part of their overall grooming process.

Another benefit of having a medium hair cat is you get the softness and cuddly fur but you don’t have to worry about getting all over the place in your house as they don’t shed much.

So if you are looking for a cat who can be good company to your kids and not make it hard for you to maintain them, this is the option you should be going for.

Some common diseases that medium-haired cats suffer from include -digestive issues, overactive thyroid, diabetes, and upset stomach. You should bear these in mind when you take care of them and plan their food.

Domestic Shorthair vs Mediumhair: Which One To Choose?

Before comparing them, we should note the major differences. While Domestic shorthairs have short and spikey hair, medium hair cats have softer fur that is easier to maintain than long-haired cats.

Another point to note is the maintenance. Domestic shorthairs don’t need to be groomed as frequently as medium-haired cats, however ultimately neither really require constant grooming like other breeds, such as Persian cats.

Domestic shorthairs are a mix of a lot of breeds of cats and are known for being of mixed lineage whereas medium hair cats can have their ancestry traced despite being mixed themselves.

The general temperament of the cat varies within the variety itself. You may get a grumpy medium-haired cat or a jumpy short-haired one. You need to make peace with it and strike a balance with your pet. It will take some time, but we are pretty confident that you will be able to get your cat to warm up to you.

Domestic Short Hair Vs American Shorthair Cat: Which one should you get?

Ultimately, both these cat breeds are easy to maintain and take care of. If you want a cat who is soft to hold, preferably because you are getting it for your children, then you should go with the medium hair cat breeds. However, if you want a companion and you are willing to pick any, we recommend you adopt a domestic short hair cat.

Ultimately, it depends on you and your choice. Another thing that is true is that you never choose the cat, the cat chooses you.

The most important thing to remember is that you should be committed to taking care of your cat. You need to be able to groom them, take them out for a walk, allow them to wander in safe areas, and feed them well.

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You should keep getting them checked at a veterinarian frequently and make sure you know what they are allergic to, and what suits them the best.

All cats are wonderful and we firmly believe that if you put your mind to it, you can adjust with any feline and vice versa.

We hope you find a cat that is the right fit for you and your family. All you need to do is remember that they too need love and need to be conveyed that you don’t mean any harm.

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