Do Persian Cats Like to Climb? Is It Entertaining?

Do Persian Cats Like to Climb?

We have seen so many cats being agile and flexible. You can pick a cat up and it will leap out of your arms with a fabulous flair. They can be seen climbing and jumping off buildings like it is nothing.

However, does this nimbleness apply to all cats? It is one thing to see wild, undomesticated cats do all of this, it is a part of their survival instinct, but what about cats that were meant to be indoors, the ones who have never had to jump in a bin to look for food?

Why Do Cats Like To Climb?

As you know, cats are natural hunters, and jumping on things is a part of their predatory instincts. They are also curious by nature so would like to investigate things by getting closer to them.

Climbing on surfaces gives cats a better angle to look at things. Cats may also resort to climbing higher surfaces to escape uncomfortable or fearful situations.

One such cat is the Persian cat. They are long-haired cats that are in particular known for their perfect round faces and short muzzles. They look compact and perfect and are a delight to be around. They also tend to get sick easily and need to be cared for extremely carefully. They are long-haired so they also need to be groomed regularly and checked for ticks and other insects as well.

A Persian cat’s general temperament is a quiet one. They like to live in silence and peace, so they will feel most at home in quiet surroundings. If you have a large family, you will notice your Persian cat trying to find the quietest corner in the house. You will also have to constantly reassure them because they get nervous and jumpy easily, especially among crowds.

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So, it can be said that Persian cats are for homebodies and people who like to live alone. So if you are a recluse living in a castle on the hills, perhaps a witch, we recommend you get a Persian cat for yourself.

As you can see, Persian cats are a big deal. And a big question that we are dealing with is – do they like to climb?

Do Persian Cats Like To Climb?

Coming to the star of the show (blog, okay), if we think about it, Persian cats don’t really do much. They like to sit in peaceful places and don’t want to be bothered by anyone.

Persian cats are not hunters by nature. They are purely domestic cats who never had to fend for themselves. Since they have never had to do any wild frolickings, their legs aren’t built that way either. They have short, stumpy legs, covered in long hair, and their proportions will often leave them displaced if they tried to climb some raised surface.

They will enjoy the occasional game with you and jumping up and down, but they will rarely actually jump on counters or any other higher surfaces. This is actually a good shortcut to find out whether your cat is from a breed of jumpers or not. If they have short stumpy legs, like the Persian, it is most likely to
not be someone who jumps and climbs around surfaces.

Apart from the biological factor of legs, their general temperament of quietness and nonchalance (come on, they deserve to be nonchalant, these beautiful creatures), also plays a role in their unwillingness to be a jumpy active cats.

This non-jumping policy of your Persian cat may become a problem on some rare occasions when it might find itself in a dangerous situation and is unable to escape. Make sure you take her away from such things as quickly as possible and then pacify her with a lot of nurturing and reassurance. Persian cats are purely domesticated cats, so the outer world may frighten them. Keep them close, and when it wants to go out, always make sure you accompany it.

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How Can I Entertain My Persian Cat Then?

You must be thinking, if my Persian cat does not like to jump, then what do I do to play with her? There are a lot of options!

You can invest in a lot of toys, such as ping-pong balls, rubber ducks and such, and other things. Your cat might also take a liking to a certain piece or toy – such as your socks, shirt, or some old toy that you don’t care for. You can use these to keep them busy and playful.

Another toy to keep your Perisian cat moving is a laser toy. This actually works with all cats. Just point it on the wall and watch the go crazy trying to hunt it down. You will be engaged in some fun time for a while as well. If none of these work, any classic toy made out of catnip will definitely hit the right spot for your cat.


Do Persian cats like to be cuddled?

Persian cats will only want to touch people and come in contact with those they have developed an affinity with. It is very likely that your cat will like to stick to you but not your roommate and other family members. So, the answer depends totally upon how close you are to your Persian cat.

Can Persian cats not jump at all?

That is not true. They can climb on smaller rocks and raised platforms, however, they would prefer only walking normally without a lot of disturbance etc.

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