Can Persian Cats Catch Mice? Do They Like To Do It?

Can Persian Cats Catch Mice?

Cats have been co-existing with humans for centuries now. They were used to hunt down rodents, not just on farms but also on ships. Did you know the British Shorthair reached the USA when soldiers carried them on their ships to get rid of vermin?

This only goes on to point out how cats are really good at hunting. And why not right, after all the Felidae family is a dangerous one. No matter what the size of the cat, they can be ferocious beasts if they want to.

If you have a pet cat, you might have had the opportunity to see it gobble up insects with the ease of a bloodthirsty creature. It is very impressive. I remember when my cat Cardboard ate a huge beetle right in front of me for the first time. I think we crossed a level of intimacy that day…

Anyways, moving on.

If you have a Persian cat, and you want to know whether she is someone who will catch mice for you, keep reading!

Why Are Persian Cats Different Than The Rest?

It is believed that Persian cats originated in modern-day Iran, which was earlier known as Mesopotamia, followed by Persia. They are a sight to behold and are known for their long-haired fur and beautiful rich coat.

They are quiet and gentle and look every inch like royalty. They like to keep to themselves and their owners once they end up liking them.

They are also high maintenance, so if you have one, you will have to focus on its grooming and eating habits.

They are beautiful and every inch worth of their praise, but it is also true that they are of the feline family, so they too have some of those predatory, scary instincts in them. But up to what extent?

Can Persians Cats Catch Mice?

The answer is, yes! They also have their own hunter and predatory skills. Apart from that, they are also curious by nature, so you can understand why they would want to catch mice.

They are also pretty adept at it, and you can ask people who own Persian cats about this as well.

It can be surprising to know this, seeing how Persians are usually quiet and have a graceful demeanour. Let a mouse loose in front of them and watch them turn into something unexpected. Quick on their feet and nimble, these Persian cats are ready for the kill.

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Do Persian Cats Like To Catch Mice?

Even if Persian cats are fancier than your regular cats, and were made to be domesticated, they are good mousers. Some of them may even enjoy it. While this can only be determined after observing their behaviour, we can still say that most Persian cats do enjoy catching mice.

Cats are predators by nature, so it should not come as a surprise if your fancy, expensive Persian cat who acts like it is better than the rest loses its marbles over a tiny mouse.

Most cats love to hunt. With increased domestication, they may not always get the chance to hunt for their food, so their skills may get rusty. But it doesn’t go away. So the very moment they will find an opening to hunt and kill, they will definitely jump to the opportunity.

Why Are Persian Cats Good Mousers?

Can Persian Cats Catch Mice?

Why are these beautiful creatures also good at mousing? Apart from the usual predator instinct and hunter nature, Persian cats are also intelligent. They didn’t just bring their looks from Persia, they also got wisdom and intelligence. They are able to gauge the next move of their enemies and are able to work ahead of them.

It is also a fact that female Persian cats are better than male ones at hunting. This is because ever since olden times, the females would teach their young kittens how to hunt and help them survive. People always carried cats with them everywhere so that they could get the place rid of rodents and vermin. Hence, if you have a female Persian cat, you can vouch for them to get rid of all mice in your house.

Sit back and watch your thing of beauty work its magic and get all the mice out of your way.

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So if you have been seeing signs of rodent life in your house and you are unable to catch it, just let your cat know about it, and you can get done with the problem. You can picture it to be something like you hiring a hitman for a vicious creature. Only the hitman is a beautiful ball of fur and the vicious creature is a mere rodent. But it’s a nice roleplay, isn’t it?

My Persian Cat Does Not Catch Mice

If you have tried to get your Persian cat to catch a mouse and it has failed, don’t worry. Even after generalized statements, it is true that all cats have unique demeanours and temperaments. Maybe your Persian cat is better than the rest of us, and hunting is below it. Maybe it is afraid of mice. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to think your Persian is lacking in any way if it does not catch mice.

This applies to all cats, a lot of them don’t like hunting or catching mice. This could be because of a variety of reasons and it’s totally normal. It does not make them less of a cat.

If you have a mouse in your house and your cat is averse to hunting, it’s time to set out a trap for the mouse.

If your Persian cat does not catch mice, it is okay. It is true that they are capable of catching mice, but if they don’t want to, then you can do nothing about it. Just pray that there is no vermin infestation in your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will killing a mouse make my Persian cat sick?

No, it is not the case. Cats are built as predators and hunters and they can digest a lot of things. If your Persian cat kills a mouse, it won’t be affected, unless the rodent was carrying some disease that affects cats as well. And many times the Persian may not even eat the mouse, it may just kill it and leave it.

  • What if my Persian is afraid of mice?

It is also a totally normal thing that can happen. All cats have different natures but common traits. It is very likely that you have a nervous Persian cat who does not like going near mice. And it’s totally alright!

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